Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today I finally sat down long enough to make something!!!! I got out my pasta maker and oven and made some clay beads. This was my first attempt at bead making and I must say that I was very pleased with the outcome. I used teal and black polymer clay to make coil canes.The difficult part was stretching the cane to make the width that I wanted. However,the more I made the easier it became.  Then I cut the canes into 1/2 inch segments and used a tooth pick to make the holes.I did use bead cores for some of the beads. They seemed to make a more finished look to the bead. I made round ones, square ones and then got a little adventurous and made heart-shaped ones. I also made some pendants that I want to use for necklaces. Here is a picture of some of my beads.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steampunk Jewelry

It's been quite some time since I posted  "something I made!"  I spend a lot of time with the grand kids and don't have the time to pull out my materials to create or else I'm too pooped to craft!!!!
I really love to make jewelry. Here are some necklaces and a bracelet that I completed using old watch parts and charms. I really like the Steampunk look. I think I'll work on some earrings next. Anxious as to how they will turn out!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine Shadow Boxes

This is my first post and I'm really excited!!  I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging.

 I thought it would be a good time to start a blog since I wanted to make some Valentine goodies for my family. I started with the shadow boxes, one for my daughter, Julie, and my daughter-in-law Andrea. I love buttons and wanted to use them in my project. It was really easy. Along with the buttons I used scrapbook paper and my Cricut Machine In no time I had a completed project that I knew my girls would like and enjoy.


I hope all three were happy to get their cards in the mail. Lucy, Jack, and Amelia are my precious grand kids. What in the world would I do without them????? They keep me busy. I already have Lucy "making" projects. One day I will post some of her creations. Amelia and Jack are too small yet to get into the creating business. Some day........